As we build our online inventory, we have to make desicions on the order in which to list products.  Silk orchids are always very popular and one of my favorite items, so we have made them some of our latest additions.  Our orchid collection will include orchid palnts and flowers, orchid wreaths and artificial arrangements in which orchids are the primary component.  Some of the beginning items are shown below, others will be added and all are available to buy online.  Please visit and take some time to browse.  I think you will like what you find in our orchid offerings along with our silk trees and other permanent botanicals.

22-Inch Phalaenopsis Orchid Wreath     22-Inch Violet Phalaenopsis Orchid Wreath      26-inch Phalaenopsis Orchid-Skimmia Wreath Two Tone Green

 65-Inch Spider Oncidium Orchid Plant (Lot of 3)14-Inch Zygopetalum Orchid Plant31" Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant in Ceramic Pot White32" Brassia Orchid Plant in Terra Cotta Bowl - Two Tone Green