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This is a large artificial palm tree ready for delivery to the site for installation.  The 16-foot canary island palm tree, custom designed and built for a local daycare center, is made of silk palm leaves installed into a custom fabricated fiberglass palm trunk.  The diameter of the trunk is 15 to 17 inches.  Trees of this size are typical for commercial installations, but similar customization is available and may be applied to artificial trees and plants of many types and sizes for commercial, office or home applications.

Contact Dei-Zinz' for information on our custom design and on our commercial and residential design and installation services.

Commercial 16-foot artificial canary island palm

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Special Request Yucca - Minnesota

Aug 27, 2012 11:53:10 PM

Here's another Dei-Zinz' artificial tree ready to be shipped to Minnesota.  This tree is similar to the 6-foot green variety shown in our catalog, but is smaller and is made with three heads rather than four.  And, the leaves of this yucca are variegated.  It was actually selected by our client from our Cacti and Succulents portfolio and customized to their specific requirements.  We will, in fact, build or customize practically any item you find in our portfolio of silk and artificial trees and plants or any silk flower arrangement.

Find something you like and give us a call or a request for information.  And, remember, we ship nationwide to the USA and to Canada.


4-foot variegated artificial yucca

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Tipped Manzanita

May 8, 2012 11:03:01 PM

Manzanita trees are so beautiful in their natural state that we often leave them as they are without adding foliage.  Sometimes, though, we have clients who prefer to have silk foliage added to the branches.  One way that we can add foliage without hiding the characteristic beauty of the natural tree is through a technique we call tipping.  In this approach smaller artificial foliage is sparingly added to the upper branches of the tree.  The tree takes on a definite appearance of being alive but all the work that Mother Nature did to create these natural work of art still shows through.  The trees, when finished, resemble bonsai and  they're great for lots of locations and decors.  Enjoy this sample from our clients residential setting.

Natural manzanita tree tipped with artificial leaves in a client's home.

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