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Artificial Trees, Plants and Florals For Homes and Businesses

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Bringing a carefree touch of nature to your interior spaces

We Are
Dei-Zinz' (designs) of Scottsdale, Arizona

Dei-Zinz' is a (woman) family-owned artificial plant supplier located in the Scottsdale Airpark in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Built on a history of live plant nursery and wholesale artificial plant businesses, we opened our faux plant retail and custom design and installation services business to the public in 1994.  Our products include silk trees, artificial succulents and succulent gardens, silk flowers and flower arrangements, artificial tropical plants, artificial Christmas trees and holiday decor and related interior decorating accessories. 

Quality Silk Trees

Dei-Zinz’ foremost specialty is handcrafted silk trees – we build over 30 varieties up to 16-feet tall, on a selection of natural wood trunks.  This is not an assembly-line operation and, because of characteristics Mother Nature builds into the wood, each tree is unique.   The end product is a realistic looking artificial tree with with uniquely distinctive character that perfectly complements the space and decor of its permanent home.  We love custom work and pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to out-of-the-ordinary silk tree design challenges.  Visit or give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Faux button leaf tree on manzanita by fireplace
Christmas arrangements in white, ceramic birch logs with polar bear arrangement and stair garland

Christmas Trees and Decorations

Each year as the end of summer approaches our showroom is transformed from a silk floral shop into a Christmas wonderland.  From quality artificial Christmas trees to delightful ornaments to exquisite artificial arrangements and centerpieces you're sure to find the perfect decorations to make the holiday season simply enchanting.

Now featuring a wonderful selection of beautiful Christmas ribbon by 'd stevens'.

Commercial Installations

Your customers appreciate a pleasing environment.  Artificial trees, plants and flower arrangements create that inviting atmosphere with minimal care – no watering, fertilizing or trimming required.   We have been providing care-free artificial plant solutions to commercial establishments in Arizona and across the USA since 1994.  We work with business/building owners or with their building managers, architects, interior designers or decorators.  From floral arrangements at the reception desk to large commercial trees in lobbies and showrooms to complete plant-scape design and installation, Dei-Zinz' is your source for quality artificial plant decor. 

Artificial 16 foot tall dracaena marginata in Scottsdale auto dealership showroom
Artificial Fire Stick Pencil Cactus in outdoor urn

Artificial Succulents and Cacti

Today's faux succulents are some of the most realistic artificial plants imaginable, ranging in size from desktop to large, custom trees up to 10 feet tall.  They also include many  plants having enhanced tolerance to UV/sun exposure making them good choices for outdoor uses.  With smaller plants and loose stems available in a wide selection of varieties and colors, these artificial plants are also great for making lush, brilliant succulent gardens for accent or centerpieces.  Come discover the world of faux succulents at Dei-Zinz'.

New shipment of faux cacti.
Assortment of faux cactus at Dei-Zinz'.

Big Cactus

Many Only at Dei-Zinz'

Residential Installations

Artificial trees, plants and flowers, or more broadly faux botanicals, are key elements in home decorating.  They give your home a carefree (simulated) touch of nature for years to come.  For ultimate realism and highest quality, though, you need to rely on experienced designers who hold your satisfaction as their top priority.  At Dei-Zinz' we have been delighting residential customers with exquisite artificial botanical decorating and installations since 1994.  See what we can do for you.  With today's active lifestyle, carefree artificial trees, plants and flowers just make sense.  Go faux and enjoy your vacation!

Large artificial fiddle-leaf fig tree with yellow upholstered chairs against grey sitting room wall.
Colorful bouquet of mixed artificial flowers in tall cobalt blue vase.

Artificial Flower Arrangements

Dei-Zinz' floral design service spans the full range of decorating styles; traditional to contemporary.  Our experienced designers’ artistic talents give them a keen sense of balance between sophistication and flair, and we’re always happy to work with your designer to coordinate our silk flower designs with their plan.  From large floral centerpieces for the formal dining to unique faux succulent and cactus gardens for the patio table or custom silk greenery arrangements for the tops of armoires, we create botanic perfection.  When it has to be special, ask Dei-Zinz'!

Artificial Foliage Plants

This category, artificial foliage plants, comprises leafy (i.e., not succulent) plants that are too small to be considered trees.  Here you'll find a wide selection of faux tropical house plants, ferns, grasses and, among others, greenery hedges and topiaries.  In addition, a number of plants with UV tolerant foliage suited to outdoor use have recently also come available.  While we often do customize our foliage plants, most are pre-assembled and potted at the supplier-factory.  Either way, via customization or through rigorously selective procurement, we feel we offer the highest quality, most realistic artificial foliage plants you can buy.

Large artificial philodendron selloum in glossy black pot
Custom small palm tree with natural bamboo and silk kentia palm leaves.


Dei-Zinz' is a family-owned artificial plant supplier located in the Scottsdale Airpark in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Built on a history of live plant nursery and wholesale artificial plant business, we opened our retail and custom design services business to the public in 1994.  Our product line includes silk trees, artificial succulents and succulent gardens, silk flowers and flower arrangements, artificial tropical plants, and related interior decorating accessories.  The primary services we offer include:

  • Custom tree DESIGN

  • Custom floral DESIGN

  • COMMERCIAL PLANTSCAPE design and installation

  • RESIDENTIAL PLANTSCAPE design and installation

  • Holiday DECOR and DECORATING

  • Artificial plant RENTAL

  • Local DELIVERY and SETUP

  • SHIPPING to the entire US and Canada

  • Details can be found on our SERVICES page

​Our goal is to deliver the best in artificial botanical VALUE, which we define as providing the HIGHEST QUALITY at a FAIR PRICE.

Looking for more on who we are?  See our full ABOUT US page.


Dei-Zinz', where


    + Creative

          +  Fair Price

                     = VALUE

Blooming artificial agave plant, surrounded by yellow faux bromeliads in concrete planter.
Special Orders
Background of lush wood ferns.

we love special requests and orders

When placing your special order please provide as much information as you can.  Photographs and measurements are fantastic and a great aid in helping us to create the perfect design for you.

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