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Fabulous Floral Arrangements

High Design Silk Flower Arrangements

Our designers love making silk floral arrangements - it's their chance to give free rein to their creative spirits. 


Because they do not need to be arranged in a water-containing vessel, artificial flowers offer unique opportunities for creative floral arrangement designs.  Of course we create stunning traditional flower arrangements, but this design freedom really becomes apparent in more modern ikebana and high-style floral designs in which flowers may be placed where fresh flowers would not survive.  Yet the flowers are so realistic no one will know for sure if the arrangements are fresh or faux.  

This creative freedom may be applied to all styles and types of arrangements from southwest dish gardens to traditional centerpieces to high-style floral art accent pieces, limited only by your imagination.  Our designers stand ready to create your forever dream arrangement.  Give us a visit and let their spirits run free.

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