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green and flowering
faux plants

Artificial plant technology has come a long way with many varieties that rival nature itself!


Artificial plants of today are extremely realistic while offering many benefits to home owners and business owners.  While providing realistically life-like appearance these faux plants never need watering and require very little maintenance.  Home owners can go on vacation without concern that their plants will die and business owners will realize substantial savings over the costs required for live plant care services.  

Nearly all types of plants are available in the form of permanent botanicals.  Palms, dracaenas, ficus, philodendrons and dieffenbachias are tropical plant standards.  Artificial cacti and succulents are extremely realistic and many hold up very well outdoors, even in Phoenix.  Artificial grasses are great as dividers or for creating a mass of green.  Because most are a plastic material, they do well outdoors, also.  Artificial topiaries and hedges come in various shapes and sizes and in a number of different artificial foliages including boxwood, cedar, bay leaf and more.  Artificial green walls, very popular today, may be constructed from a variety of singular or mixed artificial plants.  And there is, of course, a nice selection of flowering artificial plants; indoor plants made of fabric and those for outdoors made of plastic.  

With a great selection, the exquisite realism and all the care and maintenance advantages how could anyone go wrong with artificial plants?  Come see how they can beautify your surroundings and simplify your life.

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