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Misty Slopes


Commercial Projects

We have been providing care-free artificial plant solutions to commercial establishments in Arizona and across the USA since 1994.  From floral arrangements to large commercial trees in lobbies and showrooms to complete plant-scape design and installation, Dei-Zinz' is your source for quality artificial plant decor. 

Artificial 16 foot tall dracaena marginata in Scottsdale auto dealership showroom
Large silk fiddleleaf fig tree with mustard, upholstered chairs

Residential Projects

Since 1994 we have delighted thousands of residential customers with exquisite artificial botanical decor.  For today's active lifestyle give your home a carefree (simulated) touch of nature for years to come.  See what Dei-Zinz' artificial trees, plants and flowers can do for you.  Go faux and enjoy your vacation!

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