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spectacular signature trees

Custom silk trees are Dei-Zinz' specialty; we've been building them for over 25 years.


We hope you enjoy and find inspiration in our 'Tree' gallery, showcasing a selection of, primarily custom, artificial trees that we have provided to some very delighted clients. 


At any one time in our 25-plus years of tree building we have consistently offered between 30 to 50 "varieties" of artificial trees as small as 4-feet tall to as large as 16-feet tall.  The specific number of varieties depends largely on availability of materials; somewhat on the locally sourced wood used for the trunks but, mostly, on the types of artificial tree foliage produced by overseas suppliers.  The supplier relationships and experience gained during this time have enabled us to access the highest quality materials and to provide you, our customer, an unrivaled selection of the highest quality silk trees you could hope to find.


Take time to browse the gallery for whatever tree strikes your fancy.  Most likely, we can build it customized in size and form factor to create the perfect faux tree accompaniment to your design space.  Just provide us with requirement and constraint details, which you can do via several methods.  If you are highly certain of what you want and are able to visit our showroom, come by, describe the tree you want and place your order.  Be sure to bring photos and measurements and any information that will help us to create your perfect tree.  For larger projects we also provide appointment-based, on-site consultation by which we come to your site to collect photos, measurements and any other design particulars and, then, design the right trees for you.  Finally, if unable to meet in person you can take advantage of our virtual design service - just send us your information electronically.  We'll design and build your trees and even send a photo of the finished tree for approval before shipping it to you.

We do, of course, keep a wide selection of trees in stock for purchase off our showroom floor.  Many of these are the more popular, standard varieties but you will also find a number of uniquely creative faux tree designs that you will assuredly not find anywhere else.  For the highest quality, creatively designed silk trees on the market visit, call or e-contact Dei-Zinz' today.

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